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Adding the Free COVID-19 content to your Axis LMS

To help deter the spread of misinformation surrounding the CORVID-19 (Corona) Virus, some content developers on the OpenSesame platform have developed free content for use within your LMS. 

To access this free content, you'll begin by logging in as the Axis LMS administrator, and navigating to the Online Courses area [Learning > Online Courses]. 

From here, selecting "Work with Content Library" will bring you to a built-in content library from OpenSesame. If this is the first time you're using content, you may need to create a free account to continue. 

Once you've connected your accounts, OpenSesame's library will become available; perform a search for the free content:

Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees by Vubiz

Click on the content's title to view more details, and when you're ready to continue, select "Volume Purchase" and add to Cart

Fill out how many users will be taking the training (up to 1,000). 

Before checking out, ensure your cart is at $0.00 - if you accidentally selected other training, you can remove them from your cart before completing the transaction. 

Checkout and complete your free purchase.

After the purchase, click the "Send to LMS" button to wrap up your time in OpenSesame. After your free purchase appears under your History, return to the "Learning" area of Axis LMS. You should now see the Coronoavirus content under your Learning Objects. 

You can now add this into any of your Axis Courses by editing the course [Learning > Online Courses > Manage > select a course], then opening its Course Content. 

Select Browse, then look under your SCORM modules. Do a search for "Corona" to bring the content into focus. 

Once it's been added to your course, save your changes to complete the process. 
The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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