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Using Atrixware Quiz Management Service with Test Pro Developer

Atrixware Quiz Management Service is an easy online solution for emailing, exporting, viewing, and storing online quiz results published from our Quiz Publishing Software.  This article is going to show you how to publish a quiz using Atrixware Test Pro Developer that utilizes the Quiz Management Service.

To begin, I’m going to start Test Pro Developer and from the Develop tab I am going to select to create a New Test/Module.


This will bring up the Create New Test / Module window, where I can select the template that I would like to use for my test.  To use the Quiz Management Service, I want to select the QMS Test template from the Test tab and click the Next button.


I will now be prompted to enter a title for my quiz and optionally a summary.  Once I have entered my quiz title, I’ll click on the Finish button to create my QMS Test.  Clicking on the Finish button will bring up a dialog window asking me to enter my email address.  If I already have a Quiz Management Service account, I want to enter the email address I use to login to my account.  If I haven’t yet used the Quiz Management Service, I can simply enter my email address and my account will be created for me the first time a student completes my quiz.


When a student completes my QMS Test, they will be prompted to enter their name and email address before they can recieve credit for the test.  By default, the screen a student would see prompting them to enter this information looks like this:


If I wanted to, I can edit the appearance of the page.  I can do this by going to the Develop tab, highlighting the test I created, and clicking on the Files & Resources tab from the top bar.  One of the files under the Files & Resource tab should have the filename qms_submit.txt.  By opening and editing this file, I can change not only the appearance of the page, but what information is collected from the student and submitted to the Quiz Management Service.


The qms_submit.txt file contains the HTML, CSS, and Javascript to render the form that the student sees and submit it to the Quiz Management Service.  Below I’m going to go over the different parts of the file to give you a better understanding of how I could customize it.

Javascript Validation 


The Javascript Validation function above checks the values entered for the Student Name and Student Email. If you wanted to add more input fields to the form you could add validation for more form fields.

CSS (For what the student sees)


Here you can easily change the appearance of the form the student sees without actually changing the form itself.  For example, if you wanted to change the size of the font of the word IMPORTANT: , you could change font-size: 10pt;  to font-size: 14pt; under .style2.  Or if you wanted to change the color of the text from black to green you could add color: #00FF00; inside of .style1.

CSS (For the report that is emailed to you & stored in the Quiz Management Service)


Here you can easily change the appearance of the report that is included in the email sent to you when a student completes the test, as well as is stored in the Quiz Management Service.  By editing the CSS here, you can change the font type, color, size, and weight for the report headings, question text, answer text, result text, correct answer text, and the explanation text (in that order top-bottom). 

HTML (For the report that is emailed to you & stored in the Quiz Management Service)


In this section of the file you can customize the report that is being sent to you via email and being stored by the Quiz Management Service.  Not only can you change the layout of the report, but you can also add additional information to your report gathered from PowerScript.  You could easily add values for things such as <% Score.GetPassingScore %> or <% Score.GetRoundedValue %> to add the passing score for the test and students rounded score. 

Using values you set via PowerScript, you could pass information about class, subject, category, test version, or almost anything else you could imagine.

Another powerful option for customization that Test Pro Developer gives me is the ability to configure whether or not the student sees the report I set up in the section above or if they see a custom message upon completion of the test.  To edit this option or customize the message displayed to the student, I’ll need to go in a edit the PowerScript for my test.

With the QMS Test I created still highlight, I want to select the PowerScript tab from the top menu and then click on the Open Full Editor link in the Task Panel.


In the PowerScript Code Editor I want to use the scrollbar on the right hand side to scroll down until I see the section of code entitled QMS Values.


There are three values I can change by editing this section of code.  The first is qms_account, which is the email address I entered when creating my QMS Test where I wanted the results to be sent.  The second value I can edit is show_results.  If show_results is set to true, then upon completing the test, my students will see the full report I set up after they have submitted their test score.  If show_results is set to false, the student will instead see the message stored in the last value I can edit, the response value.

The response value is the message displayed to the student upon completing their quiz instead of the full report.  By default it is a generic message, but using HTML I can customize the message to match the rest of my test.

For example, if I set response equal to “<font size=’3′ face=’Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif’>Your Results have been submitted. Click <b><font color=’#FF0000′>CLOSE</font></b> to finish.</font”, then the message the student sees would look like this:

Your Results have been submitted. Click CLOSE to finish.

Or if I set response equal to “<font color=’#0099CC’ size=’3′ face=’Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif’>Your</font><font color=’#004080′ size=’3′ face=’Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif’> Results <font color=’#0099CC’>have</font> been <font color=’#0099CC’>submitted</font>. Click <b><font color=’#66FFCC’><em>CLOSE</em></font></b> to <font color=’#006699′>finish</font>.</font”, the result would look like this:

Your Results have been submitted. Click CLOSE to finish.

As you can see, Test Pro Developer offers a nearly unlimited amount of customizations when it comes to the results that it uses along with the Quiz Management Service.  After I have distributed my test and a student has completed it, I can click on the Quiz Management tab and login to the Quiz Management Service using the email address I chose to have my results sent to.  By default, the username and password for the Quiz Management Service is the email address I entered when publishing my quiz.

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