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Using Atrixware Quiz Management Service with Flash Quiz Maker

Atrixware Quiz Management Service is an easy online solution for emailing, exporting, viewing, and storing online quiz results published from our Quiz Publishing Software.  This article is going to show you how to publish a quiz using Atrixware Flash Quiz Maker that utilizes the Quiz Management Service.
To begin, I’m going to start Flash Quiz Maker and from the Quiz Development tab select the quiz I would like to publish to the Web.  With my quiz selected, I’m going to click the Publish to Flash button in the Task Panel.


This will open the Publish to Flash window.  The first tab I am brought to is the General tab, where you can enter a title for the quiz, configure what is displayed to the student, set the passing score, or set a time limit.  For this tutorial, the only thing I am going to change in the Passing Score, by selecting the drop-down box and setting the score to 65.


The next tab I want to work with is the Emails tab, where I can configure the layout and content of the results that are going to be emailed to me and stored in the Quiz Management Service.  When I click on the Emails tab, I am presented with two additional tabs, the PASS Email tab and the FAIL Email tab.  The PASS Email tab are the results that sent if the student passes the quiz, while the FAIL Email tab are the results sent if the student fails the quiz.

I can edit my results to display the information that I find relevant to me.  By default, the result email for the PASS Email tab displays a category report (a score per category breakdown) and the questions missed.  Using placeholders, it is possible to show the quiz date, title, a report of all questions, and more.  To see what placeholders are available and what they do, click the Learn About Placeholders button.


Working in the PASS Email tab, I can edit the format of the results by using the text-editor buttons located on the bottom.

I am given the option to (from left to right):

  • Set the Font Style
  • Set the Font Size
  • Bold, Italic, or Underline
  • Set the Font Color
  • Align the Text
  • Set the Text as a Bulleted List Item

I can set some text as a hyperlink by selecting the text and entering a hyperlink in the field below the Font Style selection.  There are also two buttons on the right hand side, which allow you to edit the HTML source and Check Spelling.

Once I’ve finished setting up my reports, I’m going to move over to the Publish Format tab.  The two options that will allow my quiz to access the Quiz Management Service is the Any Web Server option under the Web Server tab and the CD-Rom / Executable option under the CD or Local tab.

To publish my quiz so that students can take it online via a URL link, I would choose the Any Web Server option.  To publish my quiz so that I can distribute it via CD-Rom, download, or email attachment, I would select the CD-Rom / Executable option.

After I’ve chosen how I would like to publish my quiz, I’m going to check the Email Results to box at the bottom and enter my email address.  I’m also going to check both boxes for Ask for user’s name and Ask for user’s email address so that they will both be entered into the Quiz Management Service.

NOTE: If you choose to not ask a student for their email address, their email will appear in the Quiz Management Service as the student’s name at their ip address. (i.e. student@  You can then edit the students email from within the Quiz Management Service.


I’ll click the Publish button and be taken to the Published Quizzes tab with the quiz I just created.  Once a student has completed my quiz, I can click on the Quiz Management tab and login to the Quiz Management Service using the email address I chose to have my results sent to.  By default, the username and password for the Quiz Management Service is the email address I entered when publishing my quiz.

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