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Use PowerPoint Backgrounds in SlidePoint

Now that we have released the SlidePoint Online Presentation software for Weblearning, many of you want to use your PowerPoint backgrounds in your SlidePoint Presentations.

So, although I am not an expert at creating great e-learning presentations, I put one together using SlidePoint - which shows you how to get your PowerPoint backgrounds into SlidePoint so you can use them as a Presentation skin (while showing a bit of what can be done using SlidePoint).

What is SlidePoint? In short, SlidePoint enables you to visually create and assemble visually stunning, flash-like e-learning presentations, complete with images, text, video, narrations, and even animation effects – all online, and the end result does not require flash! You can, of course, integrate flash videos if you wish (as well as YouTube videos).

The Weblearning LMS is a powerful, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Online E-Learning System for authoring, managing, and tracking online learning presentations and tests (including your SlidePoint Presentations). You can read the brochure, or to try it FREE, go to the Weblearning E-Learning System Sign-up Form.

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