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Use an Email Address NOT

I notice quite a few customers I work with, that already have their own websites, do not have an email address there, but instead, continue to use thier @aol or @msn (or whatever else) email address.

No No No!

You need to set up an email address at your company web site immediately, and start using it immediately. It’s there – you can do it, you already have the web site — you can set up an email address (probably 10 or 50 or 100 or more) for no extra charge.

For example, if your website name is, you want to have an email address like, and even something like and These can all be configured to forward to your main if you want, or, can be separate email boxes.

But let me not get out of hand here. The most important thing you can do right now is have an email address at your website instead of using your @aol address, which has ‘i am not serious’ written all over it.

Imagine if you placed an order with Walmart or BestBuy, and you received an email for your order confirmation from — would definately reduce the credibility, right? Difference is, everyone knows who Walmart and BestBuy, but they don’t know you. You need to portray credibility, and an @aol address does not.

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