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To Do or Not To Do … Should an Educator Blog?

960692_93021290.jpgTo blog…or not to blog?  As the title suggests it poses quite the perplexing question.  After all, as educators our blogs have the potential to both affect our students as well as offer them a type of behind the scenes glimpse into our minds.

But is that a good thing?

Do we really want to open ourselves up to that type of scrutiny and, in doing so, invite the dialogue that comes hand-in-hand with any type of public forum?

I think so.

In fact, I think that being an educator makes the reasons to blog more important, more interesting and even more compelling.  It allows us to express ideas and open conversations that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  It allows us to share our voice.  Now, let’s talk about why we should…..

Reasons Educators Should Blog:


A Reason for Thought

As educators one of our main challenges is reflection.  I don’t know about you, but I often find myself sitting back and trying to pinpoint what I have done right.  Those perfect moments of brilliance when everything falls into place and I am able to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

I love those moments! They just don’t happen all that often.

And I want to be able to replicate them.  Not only that, but I want to be able to “cull the herd” so to speak when it comes to the other side of the coin.

Well, guess what?  My blog allows me to do just that!  As I sit here and type, my ideas take form on the page and are recorded.  This means that I can come back a week from now, a month from now, heck even a year from now and get a glimpse into what I was both thinking and feeling at the time.  In short, I can have the chance to get back into my own head.  Doing so allows me to replicate the good while ditching the bad as I spiral forward into new and ever more interesting projects.

Now tell me, what is the downside to that?

951048_79321261.jpgA Reason to Grow

And not just grow yourself, but also to grow your audience.  See, as a teacher our scope is often limited to our own students.  Even those of us who hang our hats in the E-Learning community are often unable to effect change or encourage dialogue on the scale that we would like simply due to the size of our audience.

A blog makes this concern a thing of the past with one single key stroke!

All you have to do is hit publish.  That’s it.  One button, one moment, one action and you have sent your words out for the word to see.  Your audience instantly explodes.  Now you have the power to reach out and interact with people in ways that simply weren’t possible in the past.  And they wouldn’t be possible now if it weren’t for the tried and true forum of the blog.

A Reason for Excellence

Talk about taking it to the next level!  They say that predictability is the kiss of death….and they’re right.  Nowhere is this more true than in the world of the blog.  Get predictable and you get boring.  Get boring and you lose your audience.  Lose your audience and, well, what’s the point?  This may seem like a downside, but really it’s the beauty of the whole system.

With a blog you are constantly forced to keep yourself at the top of your game.  You have to offer new ideas and find fresh perspectives all while inventing new ways to keep your audience panting for more.  As educators we should always be focused on our own education.  We should want to learn more, know more and be better each day than we were the day before.  Our blogs?  Our blogs will challenge us to do just that.  And they will do so right smack in the middle of the public eye where stakes are high and attention spans are low.   Talk about bringing your A game!  Every single time you post you will be raising your own internal bar as you strive to always beat that personal best.

So what are you waiting for?  After all, this point the question isn’t “do do or not to do” it’s “why aren’t you?”

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