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The Online Trainer’s Checklist

The online trainer has to take into account many considerations. Proper preparation is vital to keeping your training running smoothly and your audience engaged.  Use this checklist to ensure that you are prepared for your next virtual classroom training event.

Materials Checklist -  well before the class start date.

Participants have been sent:

___  pre-work instructions

___  installation instructions for virtual classroom software

___  logistics such as links, passwords, and conference call information

___  contact information for questions

You and your co-trainers have the following materials ready:

___  slides and other files

___  instructor notes

___  activities and exercises

___  contingency plans

Technology Checklist – on day of class

___  computers and equipment have been checked and tested

___  computers have been re-booted

___  applications and necessary files are open, available, and ready

___ audio technologies such as telephones and microphones have been tested

___ all non-essential applications are closed

___  virtual classroom has been joined at least 30 minutes early

___  “sidekick” computers are logged into virtual classroom as participants

Trainer Checklist – on day of class

___ delivery area is ready (free of distractions, glass of water available, etc)

___ training materials are readily available

___  technology tools such as whiteboard and chat windows are enabled

___ phone number and contact information for IT support is available

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