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Sending Weblearning Emails as HTML

As you are probably already aware, there are several places inside your Weblearning system that emails can be and/or are sent out:

  • Course Invitations
  • End-of-quiz report emails to admins
  • End-of-quiz report emails to users

By default, emails are sent as plain-text, and therefore the editors provided to you to change the contents of these emails are plain-text editors (no styling or sizing options like you get in, for example, the question editors). However, there is a way to force the emails to be sent out as HTML emails.

To do so, place the following tag at the beginning of each mail body:


When the email function inside your Weblearning system sees this tag in the body of the email, it will treat the body text as HTML markup instead of plain text.

It is important to realize that once you do this, all of the text is treated as HTML markup code. This opens up the opportunity to put formatting into your emails. For example, you can bold text (using <b> tags), change fonts, sizes, colors. You can also include hyperlinks and images – if you understand how to use the HTML markup tags for these items.

Here are some examples (there are thousands possibilities):

<b>this will be bold</b>
<em>this will be italicized</em>
<u>this will be underlined</u>
<font size=3>This will be sized text</font>
<font color=blue>This will be blue text</font>
<a href=’’>This will be a hyperlink</a>
<h1>This will be header text (large)</h1>
<h2>This will be a bit smaller header text</h2>
<h3>This will be even smaller header text</h3>

.. And for an image …
<img src=’>

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