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Online Quizmaker Tips

As many of you already know, we offer two core products: Test Pro Developer (our desktop quizmaker / elearning product) and Weblearning (our online quizmaker / elearning product).

In general (and this is a very wide/general statement), our users of our desktop application *appear* to have more technical knowledge than users of our online product. A further evaluation reveals that our online users are typically trainers, educators, and other non-tech people (where we have many tech-minded people using our desktop app – presumably because it offers a programmable interface and scripting language).

Therefore, I thought the following tips for our online quizmaker product may be helpful.

1. Plan your notification strategy
The Atrixware Weblearning System gives you multiple ways to notify your students that a course is available. Decide ahead of time which way you are going to use, and stick with it – this will make managing the communication easier in the longrun.

2. Start out small – one course at a time
Frequently, I see new customers trying to create all of their content fast and at once. Unless you have a good reason (and definite need) to do this, I suggest you create a single course, and get students using it while you are creating your others. This will enable your students to provide feedback, and you will be able to use that feedback to make better courses and online quizzes and materials.

3. Use basic question styles if you can
With all the cool question styles, you may feel compelled to use each type at least once. However, I suggest starting with the basic styles (like multiple choice and fill-in). This will help you get your first online quiz and course ready for your students, and help you familiarize yourself with the system naturally along the way.

4. Be the student
After you have your first online quiz and course set up, be the student. Use the communication system you defined in #1 to tell yourself about the online quiz or course, log on (or enroll), and take the quiz. This will show you exactly what your students will see, alerting you to any changes that may need to be made before going live.

5. Think “easy to use”
I know – you want to put all these cool graphics, fancy fonts, and such in your course layout and online quiz questions. Resist this if you can – keep it simple, and therefore easy to use, and you will have less issues with your student not understanding how to use your course.

6. Define policies for names/passwords
If you are using the proctored enrollment feature (or the student self-enrollment feature), it is a good idea to set up a policy for names and passwords. If you do not, more students (and proctors) will wind up creating login names (and passwords) they can not remember. Want to keep it simple? Suggest that the login name is always all lowercase with no spaces, and that the password is the users email address, phone#, student ID, SS#, or some other unique identifier to that student that they can easily remember.

That’s it for now – hope this helps a bit.

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