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Offer Instant Feedback for Your Questions

New in Weblearning 9.6 is the ability to include certain question types (currently multiple-option, true/false and yes/no) inside your authored presentations.

When you include questions inside presentations however, the operate a bit differently than they do inside of a quiz.

First, when a user first encounters a question inside a learning presentation, the navigation buttons will be disabled – thereby forcing them to choose an answer to the question.

Next, the user will receive feedback when they choose an answer:

  • if they choose wrong choice, the will get feedback telling them so, and then have the opportunity to choose another selection
  • if the choose the correct answer, they will get feedback telling them so, and then the navigation button(s) will be re-enabled so they can navigate to the next question or slide


By default, the ‘instant feedback’ displayed to the user is a generic ‘you were correct, you were incorrect’ kind of message. However, you can author into each question a specific feedback for each choice if you choose by doing the following:

  1. edit (or add) a new question (that works inside learning presentations)
  2. click the OPTIONAL tab
  3. scroll down to the IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK RESPONSES section to apply responses


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