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Making Your E-Learning Lessons Meaningful

1338212_30238506.jpgBefore we get started with today’s post, I want to ask one quick question….

How many of you have ever taken the time to ask your friends or colleagues about their experiences with E-Learning?

If the answer is “never,” then I highly recommend that you do just that.

Why?  Well, because chances are good that you will be amazed at their answers.

See, the other day I had this great conversation with a good friend of mine about just this topic.  When he asked me about my E-Learning projects, I excitedly shared all of the different things that I am working on right now.

So imagine my surprise when he responded with an adamant, “I hate when I have to do those things! They are nothing but busy work!

My first response was to be defensive, but then I stopped.  Here was an educated end-user who was giving me honest feedback on a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  I realized that the problem is not with the user; it’s with the content.

If the content is not meaningful to the user, then the lesson is not going to be of value to them and it will not be effective.

So today we are going to take a few minutes talking about how we can create more meaningful content for our users.

Here are a few key questions you should ask yourself before sitting down to create any new course.

1. Why am I creating this course?

What is the purpose of your course?  You need to know the “why” before you can make the information relevant to your end user.

2.  Who am I creating this course for?

Who is the end user?  Literally building on the first question, who will be using this course and what do you want them to gain from it?

3. Why this course relevant to the end user?

The key words in this question are “end user.”  You already know why the information is important to you, but you need to understand where your user is coming from.  Understanding that will allow you to create a more meaningful E-Learning experience for them.

4. What is my end objective? and Have I achieved that objective?

What is your goal for this course?  Is it a one-time presentation of information?  Or, do you need this information to build into something bigger down the road?  Either way, you need to have a goal in mind before you ever sit down to create your course.  Then, when you have finished, go back and make sure that you have, in fact, achieved the goal you set for yourself in the beginning.

5. What is the next step?

Where do you go from here?  Some courses are stand-alone.  You present the information one time and then you move on.  Others are part of a longer process.  Knowing where you want to go will help you effectively pace the journey for your end users.

These questions may seem simply, but they are important.  After all, our goal is not to create “busy work,” it is to build effective learning options that resonate with the end user.

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