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Implement Corporate Elearning Systems Rapidly, Securely & Affordably

Here is a “Success Story” we recently distributed as a Press Release and Newsletter Article that I though you would find interesting, especially if you are in a Corporate Enviromnent considering an Online Elearning Solution:

Atrixware recently teamed with PixelPoint, one of the world leaders in Point of Sale (POS) software for the Hospitality Industry.Based out of Toronto Canada, PixelPoint is a Division of Par Technology.

They worked with Atrixware who provided an online customizable eLearning platform to train and certify their worldwide dealer network of hospitality establishments that use their POS retail order systems.”Implementing online testing is not for the naive. Companies must rely on the integrity of their test results to make it worth providing in the first place. Atrixware understands this and provides the tools necessary to achieve an outstanding result that is easy to implement.” Mr. Scott Dunlop Manager, Training & Education PAR PixelPoint.”When PixelPoint approached us about deploying a global eLearning solution to their regional offices and dealer network, their critical need was to protect the integrity of their certification process. We were confident about our ability to meet their expectations. What we are most gratified by is that we could help contribute to the continuing success of such a great company .” Mr. Frank Dunleavy, Director of Sales Atrixware, LLC.

Now worldwide dealers and regional service offices can attain certification as a PixelPoint Certified Professional through their Atrixware Online WEBLEARNING Account, a secure online eLearning and testing system.

Since its implementation, PixelPoint has tested over 400 installers spanning every continent. They now have total administrative control and automated reporting that has made their entire training and certification process secure, fast and easy to manage. Before choosing Atrixware, one important challenge PixelPoint faced was to provide up-to-date training and certification resources that would be available anywhere in the world at any time. Between manuals, the internet and computer-based training, they were able to provide training resources to their dealers worldwide. Unfortunately, qualifying their skills for certification was another matter. The goals they set for solving their certification problem were:

   1. To provide a testing system available anywhere & at any time in the world
   2. To provide secure access to protect the integrity of the certification process
   3. To have regimented administrative control of participant’s use of the system
   4. To receive automated reporting of results upon certification testing

PixelPoint investigated numerous Internet systems capable of providing access anytime/anywhere, but their capabilities were lacking in five critical areas important to them. After research and evaluation, they selected Atrixware, LLC located in Blackwood, NJ.

Why? Because Atrixware offered a number of differences to their competition. Most importantly:

   1. The ability to provide security levels of participant access
   2. E-ommerce capability to charge for their certifications
   3. Regimented control of their participants use including:
        a. Offer test questions one at a time rather than in a continuous sheet format
        b. being able to time out tests
        c. after taking a test once, end-users could not retest without administrator approval
   4. Automated reporting of test/certification results
   5. Affordably priced & easy to deploy

Atrixware clearly came through the hands down winner in all these key areas we wanted,” according to Scott Dunlop Manager, Training & Education for PixelPoint, who led the sourcing process for evaluating an online eLearning solution for the company.

Atrixware WEBLEARNING is an ideal Online Learning Management System for any corporate training professionals who need to train, certify or license employees, VARs, or installers.

Moreover, you can be up and running in about an hour, it is that easy!
It is affordable and available on a monthly or annual subscription basis, or optionally can be set-up on your own internal servers, if you choose and eliminate monthly fees. Whether it is content creation, assessment, testing, surveys or delivery, Atrixware has a solution that is affordable to help you do your job easier and more productively.

For an online corporate eLearning solution, a service like the Atrixware WEBLEARNING System is ideal, especially for the “non-technical” instructor or trainer. You can even include all sorts of file exhibits, including images, sounds, office documents, flash videos, presentations, and more. In addition, you can include hyperlinks in your questions that point to files or documents that reside anywhere on the Internet or your Intranet. It’s easy to start creating & using eLearning to increase productivity, automate test preparation & reporting while improving your participant’s test results and boosting achievement. The only requirements are: a local server (Intranet) and a browser or a Web based Internet connection & a Web browser.

To get started deploying your own online corporate training solution, contact Atrixware.

Call toll free 866-696-8709 or visit on the Web where you can sign up for a FREE 7-day trial WEBLEARNING account.

Thanks Scott Dunlop for sharing your time and experience! 

If you are an Atrixware customer and you are interested in participating in an “application story” like the one above, please email me at

If you are NOT YET an Atrixware customer, but you would like a free consultation, please email me at I look forward to talking with you!

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