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How to Make Your Own Quiz

What a broad topic. I know – you just want to make your own quiz, and do something with it – like put a quiz up on to your web site, or make a quiz you can email, or make a quiz for your website. Some of you might be doing it for fun (maybe you want to make a quiz for fun, for example), and others are looking for a was to make a quiz you can use to quiz your students.

For those of you just trying to make your own quiz for fun (for myspace for example), you are probably best served using a free or low-cost quiz maker software product. There are a handful out there. Atrixware offers a free quizmaker as well – its actually a full older version (2002) of our Test Pro Developer product. For more information on getting the free quiz maker we offer, just click here.

If you want to make your own quiz that actually counts, you have various products to choose from. Atrixware offers a few products that can help. Our desktop quizmaker software product is called Test Pro Developer. It is offered in several ‘editions’, but for most of you, the Basic/Academic edition will be more than adequate to let you make your own quiz and put it up on your website, email it to your students, make a printed quiz, make an online quiz, and much more. We also offer a very popular online quiz system / LMS system called Weblearning. It enables you to make your own quiz (actually many quizzes, and also learning presentations), place them into courses, and enroll students. For more information on the Weblearning LMS, click here.

For a fun quiz, you probably want to keep the questions to a minimum (10 questions or less), and stick to simple multiple-choice and true/false question styles. When you make your own quiz and its one that will count towards a grade, the content of the questions is obviously paramount. Make sure the questions are good and the answers are accurate. Using a system such as Weblearning (which has statistical reporting) will help you determine which questions are too easy, which are too hard, and which ones need to be modified.

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