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As many of you reading this may already know, Atrixware ( has been around since 1997. 2008 represents our 12th year in business. One of the results of this many years is that we have released many versions of our products.

We already offer all of our desktop products in trial editions with no time limit. One of our employees had suggested offering an older version of the software for free (and offer a Free Quiz Maker), and most of us liked the idea. So, we chose Test Pro Developer 2002 Home Edition Quiz Maker (which is roughly the equivalent of the ‘Basic/Academic’ edition in our version 8 lineup).

Version 2002 is 3 versions behind the current version 8 of Test Pro Developer (think of version 2002 as ‘version 5′). Despite its name, it was actually released in late 2001. It certainly does not have all the bells & whistles of the version 8 product, and has a much older (2001-ish) interface. This older quiz maker product also does not have much in the way of online quiz creation ability (although you can make online quizzes with it). It also may take a few extra steps to get installed on Vista (as it was created way before Vista was out).

In any event, it is being offered for FREE (hence the Free Quiz Maker headline) for a limited time (to be determined by the powers that be here at Atrixware) ‘as is’, with no installation or usage support (although you can post in support forums if you would like).

Of course, the hope is, it will be ‘good enough’ to wet your appetite, but make you feel compelled to purchase our version 8 product — but if you don’t, that’s ok too.

Ready to get it? Follow these Steps

Step 1: Download the Installer
Step 2: Run the installer
Step 3: During install, always click OK, YES TO ALL, or IGNORE to any prompt.
Step 4: Run the software by clicking START > PROGRAMS > TEST PRO DEVELOPER
Step 5: Create a developer profile and then log into the software
Step 7: Enter the following into approprate fields (you may want to copy/paste for accuracy)

Name: Free Promotion
Install Key: nS02%46Q9F
Serial Number: 3VD2-4194-3VD3-157G-2CL3
Edition: Home

Step 8: Close and Restart the Test Pro Developer 2002 Quiz Maker software

I hope some of you find it useful. Have fun!

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