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ELearning at a Distance

Distance learning has become very popular with the elearning community.  It enables the ability to offer online courses with lectures, lesson plans, online tests etc.  Students can now receive all of the attention they would receive in a classroom environment online.

Here are a few useful options you may want to explore…

Streaming content such as video and audio has made online education very useful and effective.  Many programs such as one I use personally – Apple’s iLife – make it very easy to record, edit and deploy content. Streaming audio and video has become instrumental in displaying content in real-time online. It has also allowed almost instant playback of large videos that otherwise would take several minutes to hours to download.

I have used software like and is very helpful for remote use of computers without the need of networking knowledge.  This creates a one on one experience between the instructor and student to troubleshoot any issue the student may be having. 

Programs like Adobe Visual Communicator allow users to create professional quality presentations to stream online very quickly.  This can be used as instructional videos, lectures etc.

The use of the programs and media mentioned above in conjunction with eLearning software like Test Pro Developer and Weblearning which enable you to create and deliver online quizzes, self-guided presentations, and courses, can create a full featured distance learning experience.

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