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Editing the Reponse Page in Basic Survey

Basic Survey is easy online solution for creating and delivering online surveys.  In previous tutorials, we’ve discussed how to to create your first survey, and customize the “look and feel” of your survey.  In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to customize the page that is displayed to the user when they have completed your survey.

I’ll begin by logging into my Basic Survey account and clicking on the Create tab.


This will take me the Create Surveys screen, where I want to click on Configure ‘Look & Feel’.


From the Look & Feel page, I want to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the Edit Customized Page button.


This will open a new window with a Rich Text Editor that I can use to edit my response page.  I can also use the %TITLE% placeholder to display the title of my survey and the %ID% placeholder to display the user’s identification (assuming I ask for it when I create my survey)


The toolbar across the top offers me several options for customizing the response page.  The top-most toolbar displays three dropdowns, the first of which is the Style dropdown.  From here you can select the format of the text (the options will look familiar to anyone who has ever used HTML).  The second dropdown, Font, allows me to choose a specific font-face to use from a list of web-safe fonts.  Lastly, the third dropdown, Size, allows me to set the size of the type.

The second toolbar has several buttons that may look familar to you if you’ve ever used word processing software or a web editor.  From left to right, I can bold, italic, or underline the text. I can set the alignment to either left, center, right, or justified.  The next button is the horizontal rule, which places a horizontal line across the width of the page.   I can insert either a Numeric List or a Bulleted List by clicking on either of the next two buttons.  The following two buttons will either Outdent or Indent the text.  Next, I have the Font Color and the Background Color.  Finally, the last three buttons will allow me to insert a hyperlink to a web page, an image, or a table all to help jazz up the appearance of my page.


At the bottom of the editor, underneath the editing window itself, is the option to View/Edit Source Code.  For those of you who know HTML and CSS, you can edit your response page source to even more customizing options, even blend your reponse page into your website.

Once I’ve finished making my changes, all I need to do is click the Submit button and my changes will be saved.  From here on out, when a user takes one of my surveys they will be thanked by the page that I’ve set up here.

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