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Custom Banners in Weblearning 9

In the Atrixware Weblearning 9.0 system, you can upload your own corporate/company logos to use along the top of your courses, and even on your quizzes and presentations.

Let me show you how easy it is. I will begin by uploading a custom header for a course.

(Note: the course banner must be 800 x 150 pixels)

1. Click the Files tab, click Browse, navigate to your image file and click upload. (You can confirm that it uploaded by selecting the existing uploads tab and clicking the appropriate file type tab).

Banner Uploaded

2. Click the Courses tab then click create a new course. If you already have a course created, click the Courses tab, click Admin Tools then Properties and Settings

3. Navigate to the Banner drop down menu, select your banner image and click save changes. If your image is not in the drop down, check the exisiting uploads area under the Files tab to confirm it was uploaded.

Select Banner

4. View your banner by clicking the Courses tab then click portal


To upload a header to a quiz that you have created, follow the steps below.

(Note: the quiz banner must be 468 x 60 pixels)

1. Click your Modules tab then select properties

2. Upload your banner in the Files tab (discussed above)

3. Navigate to the banner drop down menu and select your banner and click submit changes

4. If not done already, assign the quiz to a course, click the Courses tab and click the portal link of the course you created. Login and take the quiz. Your custom banner will now be displayed at the top of the quiz

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