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Creating your first question slide with PowerPoint Quiz Maker 2009

PowerPoint Quiz Maker 2009 is a light-weight, easy to use application for inserting quiz slides directly into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.  In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to get started using PowerPoint Quiz Maker 2009, specifically how to create your first question slides and insert them into your presentation.

When you first run PowerPoint Quiz Maker 2009, I’m presented with a Start Page that allows me to jump right into creating slides.  However, before I create my slides I need to make sure I have Microsoft PowerPoint running, the presentation I would like insert quiz questions to opened, and the slide where I would like to insert my questions selected.


Every time you create a question slide using PowerPoint Quiz Maker 2009, you are actually creating three slides at once – the question slide, the slide displayed if the student answers incorrectly, and the slide displayed if the student answers correctly.  So if I have my PowerPoint presentation opened up and have the tenth slide selected, when I insert the quiz question I’m going to create into my presentation, the question will be inserted into the eleventh, twelth, and thirteenth slides, moving the rest of my slides down three spaces.

From the Start Page, I can begin creating my question by clicking either the Create a NEW Question link in the Welcome area, or by selecting the Question Slide tab from the sidebar.


The Question Slide screen is where you create the quiz the question you want to insert into your presentation. The first thing I need to enter when creating my question is the Header.  This will be displayed across the top of my question slide – it could be the quiz name, the category the question falls into, the title of my presentation, etc.  If I wanted to insert an image into my question slide, I can check the Allocate Space for an Image box.  This will leave spacing in the layout of my slide for me to insert an image once I get back into PowerPoint – I cannot insert the image through PowerPoint Quiz Maker 2009, only reserve the space for it.

In the Question field I want to enter the question itself, and in the Choices fields I want to enter the multiple choice answers I would like to present my student with.  Depending on whether or not I check the Prefix Choices with a Letter box, my answers can appear as Answer or A. Answer. 

If I would like to show navigation buttons on my slide (Next or Back), I can check either the Show Back Button box or Show Next Button box, or both.  When using the next and back buttons, it is important to denote whether or not this question is preceded by another question.  If there is a question before this one and I do not check the Another Question comes before this one box, I will be taken to the slide directly behind this one, which would be the correct answer slide.  By checking this option, the back button will skip back the correct amount of slides to display the question that precedes this one.


After I’ve finished setting up the Question slide tab, I’m going to move on to the Wrong Slide tab.   This is the slide that is displayed to the student if they answer the question incorrectly.  Again I’m asked to enter a Header, which in this case could be a message telling them they got the answer incorrect.  I can also use the Message field to display an explanation to the student or inform them what material to reference for more information about my question.

Enabling the Show Back Button in this case would present the student with a button to try and answer the question again, while enabling the Show Next Button displays a continue button that will take them to either the next question or next slide.


The Correct Slide tab works almost identically to the Wrong Slide tab.  From here I can enter a Header, congratulating the student for answering correctly.  I can also display a Message that might explain the question in more detail.

Enabling the Show Back Button box will display a back button to my student that will take them back to the question and enabling the Show Next Button box will show a continue button that takes the student to either the next question or slide, depending on whether or not I decide to insert more questions after this one.

Once I’ve finished setting up the Question Slide, Wrong Slide, and Correct Slide, all I need to is click the Insert Quiz Question button at the bottom of the software to have it automatically insert all three slides I have set up directly into my PowerPoint presentation.

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