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Creating a Survey in BasicSurvey

In this article, I will be discussing how to create a survey in Basic Survey.  Start by logging into your BasicSurvey account and click Get Started Now: Create Your First Survey


Creating a survey is broken down into 5 steps listed below.

1.  Create Questions

2.  Setup Survey (Look and Feel)

3.  Create the Survey

4.  Taking the Survey

5.  Turn on Email Reporting

Step 1 – Create Questions

Begin by clicking Create Questions or Add Questions on the left. 


Select the answer set you would like to use then enter your question


Give the question a category (or select from a list of categories) and click Add Question


Repeat this process until you are satisfied with your question list.   

Step 2  - Setup Survey (Look and Feel)

Click Look & Feel on the left and select the appropriate choices. 


For this example, I will leave the default settings as is and click Submit Changes

Step 3 – Create the Survey

Select Create Survey on the left and click the Create Survey link. 


Click Create – this is a new survey and enter a name.  Select the number of questions from each category and click Publish Survey

Step 4 – Taking the Survey

Click the Survey tab and you will see a list of your published surveys.  Click the Links and click the “Click  here to try the link” to take your survey


Step 5 – Turn on email reporting for the surveys

Click the Account tab and select Response Report from the Email Responses drop down box.


Note:  All survey responses will be sent to the email address listed under the Account tab

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