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Convert Flash Videos to CD-Rom Auto Launch Executable

The Atrixware CD Menu Maker software is designed to enable you to turn just about anything into an auto launch CD-Rom application. A common task is turning one or more flash videos or presentations into an application your end user can run automatically simply by placing the cd-rom into their system.

Note: This article was written with a beta version of CD Menu Maker, so some screen shots and steps may vary slightly from the final release.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Start CD Menu Maker, click the Create New Project button, enter a name fpr the project (I used ‘Movie Player’), and pick one of the templates from the ‘Blank Templates‘ tab.


2. From the Add Component Panel, click the VIDEO button, and then click OK on the dialog box:


3. The View Component Properties Panel will appear. From here, click the ADD button, click the BROWSE button on the File Dependencies Dialog, and then click the Filesystem tab on the Dependency Browser panel:


4. Locate your swf file (in this example shown above, I have my swf file ‘Weblearning8.0LMS.swf’ located and highlighted). Making sure the swf file is selected (highlighted), click the OK button

5. Making sure the swf file is selected (highlighted), click the OK button on the Dependency Browser dialog, and then click DONE on the File Dependencies Dialog.

6. Now, click the PICK button on the Video Component Properties panel, and your swf file should now appear an an option – pick it.


7. You can leave all checkboxes checked (the default) for this example – they are the most common settings. Click OK, and then resize the component to your desired size:


8. You may need to Preview (press F12, or click the PREVIEW button along the top toolbar) your project a few times until you work out the desired size of the video component and/or window size.

If you want your video component to ‘snap’ to the form size, and perhaps you want your end users to be able to resize the form, follow these steps:

1. In the Components Explorer panel, click the ‘frmCanvas‘ component (at the very top of the list).


2. On the top toolbar, click the Actions button, and choose OnStart.


3. On the Actions Menu, click the CLICK HERE button to access the Code Editor.


4. When the code editor appears, type in the code as shown below:


5. Click the Actions button (along top on the top toolbar) again – this time, instead of choosing OnStart, choose the On_frmCanvas_Resize option, and then type in the following code:


Once you have completed the project, click the BUILD button on the top toolbar. Once complete, drag & drop the files onto a blank CD-Rom (or use your favorite CD Burning software).

The end result is, when your end user inserts the CD Rom into their system, your application will start, and the video will begin playing immediately.

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