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Considering going from Paper based to Computer based TESTS?

Most of the customers and prospects I talk to on a daily basis want to take the leap from a “pre-historic” paper-based testing system to computer based testing, but either don’t know how or expect to be SHOCKED with too much cost or technology.

Does that describe you?

If so, you probably currently have all your tests and questions in Microsoft Word and you either print the same test over and over again (while students memorize the answers and sell to the next class or next year’s class) or you spend a lot of time “cutting and pasting” new questions, editing questions, or moving same questions around in a different order. Oh, and don’t forget to change the answer key’s too. Want to prevent cheating and save time?

Take just ONE STEP forward and save hours of “test making” time and effort. With Test Pro Developer Academic Edition, you can enter your questions into a central database, and separate each question by category. Then you can print a different test each year or each class, or for each student.

For example, you may have entered 20 questions each for Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of a particular subject. If you want to give a 10 question quiz, just tell the database to select 10 RANDOM questions from Chapter 1. Each time you do, you will get a different test with it’s own answer key. You can also select the same 10 questions but print them in a SHUFFLED question order. If you have 4 rows of students, print 4 tests- No more student cheating!

Adding and editing questions to the database is easy. Maybe next year you will have 30 questions per chapter which means even more randomization when you print. Also, you can print tests from MULTIPLE CATEGORIES. Just tell the database to select 5 questions each, from chapters 1 thru 10. Each time you do, you can get a different 50 question mid-term, final, or multi-category test.

Take JUST ONE MORE STEP and instead of “publishing” your questions to print, publish them to an HTML file. Then you can email the test to your students as a file attachment. (this is great for practice and/or take home tests) When the students get their email and open the attachment, they can take the test (as many times as they want) and when they click “submit” the test will automatically be graded and give the student a report (including explanations and refrences if you provide it) It’s like magic! (but it’s really just a lot of computer stuff happening in the background) There is even an option for YOU to get an email back from each student and then merge all the emails into ONE excel document, which saves hours of “test grading” time and effort.

Now you have a system that does BOTH paper and computer based testing. Plus, you can prevent cheating, save lots of time, and build a library of questions and tests all in one place. Its easy with Test Pro Developer – Academic Editon. Try it for free and let me know what you think!

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