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Configuring the Visual Settings in PowerPoint Quiz Maker 2009

When creating Quizzes using PowerPoint Quiz Maker 2009, there are of a number of Visual Settings that can be utilized to make your Quiz slide integrate seamlessly with the rest of your PowerPoint presentation.  In this tutorial I’ll be going over what these Visual Settings are and how to use them effectively.

To begin, I need to make sure I have Microsoft PowerPoint running along with PowerPoint Quiz Maker.  In Microsoft PowerPoint, Ishould have a presentation open with the slide currently selected where I want to insert my Question slides.  In PowerPoint Quiz Maker, I should have a Question (complete with the Wrong/Correct Slides) ready to be inserted into my presentation (or I could always pull Questions from my Question Bank).

Before I insert the Question slides, I’m going to click on the Visual Settings tab on the left hand side:


This will bring up the Visual Settings screen.  The first options that are presented to me is the font styling for the Headers, Messages, Question, and Choices.  The Headers are the text I chose to be displayed along the top of the Question, Correct, and Wrong slides.  The Messages are the text I chose to be displayed as a message to the user on the the Correct and Wrong slide.  Finally, the Question and Choices are the Question and Answers themselves that appear on the Question slide.


The first button in each Font Style, allows me to select the font face I would like to use for each style.  Clicking on the button (which by default is set to use the Arial font) will bring up a window with a drop-down box where I can select from a number of popular fonts.


The second button corresponds to the size of the font that I want to use for each style.  Again, clicking the button (which by default is set to size 24 for the Headers and size 14 for the remaining styles) will present me with a window where I can select a font size.10-1-2008-12-38-07-pm.jpg

The next button allows me to set which color settings from my PowerPoint presentation that I want the style to inherit.  By clicking this button I am presented with a window and a drop-down where I can select ppBackground, ppForeground, ppShadow, ppTitle, ppFill, ppAccent1, ppAccent2, ppAccent3.


Each of the options correspond with the names of the colors in my PowerPoint presentation’s color scheme.  The color scheme itself is set by either the Design Template I have chosen in PowerPoint or I can edit it myself.  To view/edit the color scheme in PowerPoint, I want to go into Powerpoint and, with Color Schemes selected in the the Slide Design pane, click the link at the very bottom of the pane that reads “Edit Color Schemes…”


This brings up the Edit Color Scheme window, where I can edit the presentation’s color scheme, as well as see how they match up with the options presented in the Visual Settings tab of PowerPoint Quiz Maker.


Heading back into PowerPoint Quiz Maker, the last option presented to me for styling the fonts is whether or not I want the text to be bolded.  By checking the box to left of the word Bold, I can decide whether or not I want that font to be styled bold or not.


On the bottom half of the Visual Settings screen, I am given the option to select which kind of Entry Effects, if any, I would like to use for my four different types of text (again the same text we can style the fonts for: Headers, Messages, Question, and Choices).  If I was to click any of these buttons, a window would popup and I would be presented with a drop-down box where I could select the type of Entry Effect I would like to use.

There are far too many Entry Effects to go into, suffice to say each effect available to in PowerPoint Quiz Maker is the same effect you would see in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Once I’ve completed selecting all my Visual Settings, I can simply add Questions to my PowerPoint slide by clicking the Insert Quiz Question button or loading them in via the Question Bank.

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