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Add a Swap a Caption Action to CD Menu Maker

In this article I will be discussing how to add a custom Action in CD Menu Maker that will swap text when an Event takes place. 

First, download the Custom Wizard I created using the Custom Code Wizard Template and unzip it.  

Download: (1.7 MB)

Navigate to the folder below:

On XP 

C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Application Data\Atrixware\CD Menu Maker\wizards\ 

On Vista 

C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Atrixware\ CD Menu Maker\wizards\ 

Drag the Swap a Caption folder inside the wizards folder and open CD Menu Maker. 




Click Create a New Project and select the Business Training 1 Template.   Select any button, click the Events button in the Project Toolbar and select On_MouseClick




Click New Action and select +Swap a Caption




Select the header component to swap the caption on, enter the rest of the required information and click OK.


Note:  You can click the code button to view the code that this wizard will write




Click Preview in the Project Toolbar and click the button that has the Swap Caption action applied to it. 



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Create a time-saving and profit-making Distance Learning Program

The Atrixware team recently assisted Staci Cockrell, CEO of the American Broadcasting School. Her company, founded in 1970, is a family-owned, nationally accredited, private vocational school that teaches radio broadcasting.  The US Department of Education approved their training program which includes every skill a professional broadcaster needs such as:

customer logo 01-american broadcasting company • On-Air Shows
• News
(writing and on-the-air delivery)
• Sports
(writing and on-the-air presentation including
play-by-play if desired)
• Digital Production
(writing and producing commercials with voice track,
sound effects, music, etc.)
• And Advertising Sales

The American Broadcasting School has four land-based campuses in Oklahoma and Texas but they also wanted to implement a distance learning program.  So, in February 2007, Staci searched for an online testing program that would allow her students to take their exams online and get instant results. She researched on the internet and found that Atrixware offered the testing program that best fit her company needs and at a price that was within budget.

Staci happily discovered, “My distance learning students can log on, take the exam(s) at their convenience, print out a certificate if they pass, and automatically receive an email show them all of their test questions.  They get an instant score and report that shows the correct answers for all of the questions, and page numbers where the correct answer can be found in their reference material. The course instructors also get an email of the student’s grade and list of questions they got right and wrong so that they are aware that the student completed the exam and they are able to assist them when needed.”

“Atrixware has proven to be a great investment and time-saving tool for my company. The technical assistance I have received has also been a wonderful asset”, added Staci.

For an online solution, the Atrixware WEBLEARNING system is an ideal time saving tool for instructors because it simply eliminates manual grading of exams. It also offers students the ability and convenience to take tests anywhere, anytime, on any computer (with an internet connection).  Also, every Weblearning system comes with technical assistance (by email or optionally by  phone) which gives peace-of-mind to the “non-technical” instructor or trainer.

Here are some other great benefits of the Weblearning System:

* It’s Easy – you can be up and running in about an hour-nothing to download
* It’s Affordable – choose monthly or annual hosted payment plans.
* It’s Flexible – hosted on our server or yours- intranet or internet.
* It’s Powerful – you can include images, sounds, documents, presentations and videos.

Create & Deploy E-Learning Content for Profit Rapidly, Securely & Affordably!

To get a free consultation to discuss your online E-Learning needs, contact Atrixware by calling toll free 866-696-8709 or visit our website at  where you can request a FREE 7-day trial WEBLEARNING account.

For more information on the American Broadcasting School, visit

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Cost Effective Elearning System is a Great Customer Service Tool

Do you need to create “A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service” in your organization? If so, put your employee training content into a cost effective Online Elearning System and put your customer feedback questions into an easy to use Online Survey System.

That is only one important message and call to action I got from reading the book Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. The subtitle to the book ” A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service”   is explained thru these 3 main ideas:

1. Decide What You Want Your Company To Be
Create a perfect “vision” of service centered on the customer. That perfect vision is your goal. Make it easy for customers to do business with you. For example, use websites and other technologies to help customers shop. Make the customer experience warm and pleasant by training staff to show attentiveness, warmth, and knowledge. Communicate your vision to the rest of the company and focus on constantly achieving your vision.

2. Discover What Your Customers Want
Customers only focus on a few needs. So you find and then focus on those needs. (when I was in the Fast Food industry we focused on HQSC - Hospitality, Quality, Service, and Cleanliness) Listen to what they say, and listen to what they don’t say. Start asking sincere questions, and win their confidence. (You may want to send out a customer survey.) Serve them, then ask their thoughts and opinions. Show them that they are important.

3. Deliver Consistently and Deliver Plus One
Consistency is the key. If you promise and deliver consistency in quality, timliness and results, you will win over customers and keep existing customers coming back to you. Improve your “vision” by 1% per week so you can master consistency in delivering new as well as existing commitments.

So how do you develop consistency?
A. Don’t commit to the mistake of offering too much service.  It’s better to find a small promise you can consistently deliver than a myriad of services you seldom can meet.
B.Put systems in place. Systems allow for a minimum level of consistency.
C. Support your systems with good training. Help your people deliver on what you promise to the customer by putting them thru cost effective training.  Systems are useless if you don’t put a training system to support it.
D. Finally, congragulate staff when they do well in exceeding customer expectations.

I’ll be back again next week with another summary of a best-selling business book and how it relates to the elearning industry. Do you have questions about Online Learning, Elearning Software, or even Printed Quizzes or CD-Rom Packages? If so, give me a toll free call at 866-696-8709 x922 or email me at . I would be happy to offer you a free consultation or webinar.


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Implement Corporate Elearning Systems Rapidly, Securely & Affordably

Here is a “Success Story” we recently distributed as a Press Release and Newsletter Article that I though you would find interesting, especially if you are in a Corporate Enviromnent considering an Online Elearning Solution:

Atrixware recently teamed with PixelPoint, one of the world leaders in Point of Sale (POS) software for the Hospitality Industry.Based out of Toronto Canada, PixelPoint is a Division of Par Technology.

They worked with Atrixware who provided an online customizable eLearning platform to train and certify their worldwide dealer network of hospitality establishments that use their POS retail order systems.”Implementing online testing is not for the naive. Companies must rely on the integrity of their test results to make it worth providing in the first place. Atrixware understands this and provides the tools necessary to achieve an outstanding result that is easy to implement.” Mr. Scott Dunlop Manager, Training & Education PAR PixelPoint.”When PixelPoint approached us about deploying a global eLearning solution to their regional offices and dealer network, their critical need was to protect the integrity of their certification process. We were confident about our ability to meet their expectations. What we are most gratified by is that we could help contribute to the continuing success of such a great company .” Mr. Frank Dunleavy, Director of Sales Atrixware, LLC.

Now worldwide dealers and regional service offices can attain certification as a PixelPoint Certified Professional through their Atrixware Online WEBLEARNING Account, a secure online eLearning and testing system.

Since its implementation, PixelPoint has tested over 400 installers spanning every continent. They now have total administrative control and automated reporting that has made their entire training and certification process secure, fast and easy to manage. Before choosing Atrixware, one important challenge PixelPoint faced was to provide up-to-date training and certification resources that would be available anywhere in the world at any time. Between manuals, the internet and computer-based training, they were able to provide training resources to their dealers worldwide. Unfortunately, qualifying their skills for certification was another matter. The goals they set for solving their certification problem were:

   1. To provide a testing system available anywhere & at any time in the world
   2. To provide secure access to protect the integrity of the certification process
   3. To have regimented administrative control of participant’s use of the system
   4. To receive automated reporting of results upon certification testing

PixelPoint investigated numerous Internet systems capable of providing access anytime/anywhere, but their capabilities were lacking in five critical areas important to them. After research and evaluation, they selected Atrixware, LLC located in Blackwood, NJ.

Why? Because Atrixware offered a number of differences to their competition. Most importantly:

   1. The ability to provide security levels of participant access
   2. E-ommerce capability to charge for their certifications
   3. Regimented control of their participants use including:
        a. Offer test questions one at a time rather than in a continuous sheet format
        b. being able to time out tests
        c. after taking a test once, end-users could not retest without administrator approval
   4. Automated reporting of test/certification results
   5. Affordably priced & easy to deploy

Atrixware clearly came through the hands down winner in all these key areas we wanted,” according to Scott Dunlop Manager, Training & Education for PixelPoint, who led the sourcing process for evaluating an online eLearning solution for the company.

Atrixware WEBLEARNING is an ideal Online Learning Management System for any corporate training professionals who need to train, certify or license employees, VARs, or installers.

Moreover, you can be up and running in about an hour, it is that easy!
It is affordable and available on a monthly or annual subscription basis, or optionally can be set-up on your own internal servers, if you choose and eliminate monthly fees. Whether it is content creation, assessment, testing, surveys or delivery, Atrixware has a solution that is affordable to help you do your job easier and more productively.

For an online corporate eLearning solution, a service like the Atrixware WEBLEARNING System is ideal, especially for the “non-technical” instructor or trainer. You can even include all sorts of file exhibits, including images, sounds, office documents, flash videos, presentations, and more. In addition, you can include hyperlinks in your questions that point to files or documents that reside anywhere on the Internet or your Intranet. It’s easy to start creating & using eLearning to increase productivity, automate test preparation & reporting while improving your participant’s test results and boosting achievement. The only requirements are: a local server (Intranet) and a browser or a Web based Internet connection & a Web browser.

To get started deploying your own online corporate training solution, contact Atrixware.

Call toll free 866-696-8709 or visit on the Web where you can sign up for a FREE 7-day trial WEBLEARNING account.

Thanks Scott Dunlop for sharing your time and experience! 

If you are an Atrixware customer and you are interested in participating in an “application story” like the one above, please email me at

If you are NOT YET an Atrixware customer, but you would like a free consultation, please email me at I look forward to talking with you!

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Offering Offline and Online E-Learning

It’s not often I get to personally meet our customers, but each time I do, I spend as much time as I can learning about them, their successes, ideas, how our products and services have helped them so far, and how we can help them get to the next level.

I recently had the pleasure to meet on of our long-time customers in person. Steve Terepka took the trip from his e-learning business in Florida all the way up the east cost to our offices in New Jersey. Steve has asked me to not mention his company name or industry.

Atrixware E-Learning Customer Visits Atrixware OfficesSteve is not short on ideas. At one time, he was one of a few companies competing in the e-learning space of his industry (while other companies were sticking just to classroom training). However, those other companies took notice, and it keeps Steve on the cutting edge of e-learning technology.

He and I discussed many ideas and concepts – and I think I learned more than he did. Just like any other evolving trend, e-learning is expanding into many forms and industries, and becoming more of a core part of training and development than ever before.

I see Steve’s e-learning business maturing at an incredible speed. He started by offering a complete study kit which included texbooks, training video’s on cd-rom, and a variety of practice quizzes on cd-rom. He is using a combination of e-learning authoring tools, including the use of Test Pro Developer to create his practice quizzes and flashcard quizzes, and Visual E-Learning Design Studio to create e-learning front-ends for his videos and his quizzes.

He is now preparing an offering for online e-learning delivery. This is important, since many people now expect to be able to study and get their training online. However, many companies today totally miss out on the desktop/cd-rom e-learning offering, forcing their students to be ‘connected’ and online. There are many things that can be done more efficiently via a cd-rom, for example, high quality video, or large presentations. If you are looking to offer e-learning on cd-rom, consider our desktop e-learning authoring tools for the task.

I have no doubt Steve will continue to be successful. He is always looking to improve his offering with better content, and more ways to access it.

Are you going to be in the Southern New Jersey area? Please feel free to stop by – I would really enjoy meeting you.

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Use Weblearning 9 to Create an Online Business, or add to your Existing Business

Ed CormierThat’s what Ed Cormier is doing. Ed is the founder and President of IEI (International Education Institute, LLC) which is his 5th corporate startup company. Ed has a background in Marketing, Management, PR, Sales, and Advertising. He is also a Certified E-Learning Designer. Ed is in the process of creating “demo” courses and developing “License Exam Prep” courses for several “niche” industries.

Ed and I first met via a phone conversation in early 2007. Through the months, we had several conversations, and he even began using our Weblearning 8 Online LMS System. He told me his work schedule is 24/7, so I was happy but surprised to hear he was going to visit us.

During his visit in January of 2008, he told me again (in person) that he works 24/7, but this time he clarified that it’s “24 hours a week, and 7 months out of the year.”

Besides getting to know Ed’s humerous side, he also revealed some very creative and cutting-edge e-learning ideas. Then he shared with me a few “surprises” (and I promised I would not tell) that he will be integrating into his courses that will make learning for his end-users more fun and interactive than anything available now!

Ed is creating content for several end-user markets including: students, customers, and employees. I had a chance to demonstrate for him the new Weblearning 9 System which proved to be flexible and scalable enough to accommodate all his ideas, plans and markets.

Ed’s next stop on his busy schedule was to visit some of his family in Pennsylvania. But before he left he told me about some of his “other” projects. When Ed is not starting up a new business, he is either teaching “in class” and “online” at Southern Connecticut State University, or he’s working on his PHD dissertation in Educational Leadership. WOW – How does he do all that in his 24/7 schedule?

Our goal at Atrixware is to help make Ed’s dreams, ideas, and plans, a reality. With Ed’s knowledge and content, and Atrixware’s technology background and e-learning systems, we know we can make it happen for Ed. And, we can also make it happen for you.

What are your business dreams, ideas, and plans? Call me at 866-696-8709 x922 or email me at and let me know. Maybe I can help.

Are you planning a visit to the Philadelphia/Southern NJ area? Come and see us. I would be happy to introduce you to our staff, show you what’s new and maybe I’ll even buy you lunch! (the Philadelphia Cheesesteaks are awesome).

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