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Factoring in Organizational Culture in E-Learning

815492_computer_frustration.jpgRecently, I was speaking to a colleague who was just about ready to throw in the E-learning towel.

They had, in their own words, done everything “right.”  Meaning that their initiative was well thought out, carefully planned in coordination with proven adult learning theories and executed perfectly.

The only problem was that it wasn’t working.   Hence the whole “throw in the towel” portion of the conversation.

Why aren’t they getting it?“  “Why isn’t it working?“  And, my personal favorite, “what did I do wrong?”

All good questions.  But, as we soon found out, none of them directly addressed the issue at hand. (more…)

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Beware the Lemming: The Most Destructive Trends in E-Learning

1173214_hamster.jpgFirst off, let me ask you this.  Does anyone know what a lemming is?  Well, I’d be happy to enlighten you!  See a lemming is a small rodent type creature that has a tendency towards mass suicide.  It works like this.  When the population gets too large, lemmings will throw themselves off cliffs in huge numbers.  It just takes one to get things started and then this seemingly never ending wave of tiny rodents voluntarily tosses themselves down into the sea.  It’s one of those things that is horrifyingly interesting to watch.

So here’s the question.  How could lemmings possibly relate to E-Learning?  (more…)

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