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3 Ways to Improve Student Interaction in E-Learning

860593_40313047.jpgIf there is one so called downside to E-Learning, or even to distance learning as a whole, it is the lack of peer-to-peer interactions among participants.  And, while some instructors may not miss this facet of a traditional classroom, I often find myself longing for that one small piece of the “good ol’ days!”

Why?  Because it worked!

There is just something about sitting down with your peers as you all work your way towards a common goal.  Something that helps to drive the information home while increasing retention rates and improving the overall student experience.  It is a tried and true method of teaching and it is one that I try to replicate as closely as possible in my own E-Learning classroom.


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Checklist for Developing Strong E-Learning Content

815492_computer_frustration.jpgDo you ever feel like you’re just not on your game?  Like the stars just aren’t aligning and nothing is coming together the way you had envisioned?

It happens to the best of us.  Some days every word I type seems to drip with wisdom and wit, while others leave me scratching my head as I struggle to spell the word “who“!

But here’s the deal.  I never sit down planning on creating a bad E-Learning initiative.  Though honestly?  It happens!  There are times when I’m just not on my game and things just don’t come together like I want them to. (more…)

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