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Teaching the Next Generation

706347_98444686.jpgThe other day I was issued a challenge….by a nine year old child.  This child, one who has proven to be wise beyond their years, issued their challenge by voicing just one simple word….why?

Why…..?  It has power, you can’t deny it.  But, before we get too far into the question, I think I need to back up a bit.

See I spent the weekend hanging out with family, father’s day and all that, and while I was there my sister roped me into helping her oldest with their homework.  Said child was not super enthusiastic about the prospect and was definitely not looking forward to writing their times tables for what probably felt like the 500th time. (more…)

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9 Handy Tips for Effective E-Learning Slideshows

1094329_72034532.jpgIn the past we have spent time talking about how the fatal flaw of many E-Learning PowerPoints is found not with the audience, but with the presentation itself.  They are boring!  And boredom my dear friends is NOT an effective teaching technique!

So today we are going to take things one step further.  Instead of looking at what makes PowerPoint bad, we are going to spend our time learning about what we can do to make it good.  And we are going to do that by taking a closer look at Gange’s Nine Steps of Instructional Design.

Never heard of it?  You’ll love it.  See, Gange has done a good bit of the work for us and has laid out a pretty great plan when it comes to building an effective presentation.   His steps are concise, they are well thought out and they create an ideal foundation for us to build from when creating our own E-Learning initiatives.  So without further ado, let’s go see what Gange has to say about building that perfect E-Learning presentation!


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Is it Time to Say Yes to Virtual Classrooms?

990536_37770166.jpgIn the world of E-Learning, no issue seems to be hotter than that of the virtual classroom.  The debate, on both sides of the table, is as to which side offers more benefit to its participants and which option is able to facilitate a higher level of learning.

Can you guess where I stand?

But this post isn’t really about my own personal opinion.  It’s about the reality that for a variety of reasons, virtual is the wave of the future.  Travel costs are up and revenues are down, meaning that for many companies on-site training initiatives are being forced to evolve and change along with the rest of the organization. Plus, as companies are changing, cutting back and installing less bodies in a single geography, they are having to rethink how they approach their workforce.  On site training is no longer realistic in many cases and definitely not cost effective. (more…)

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Trends for the Future of E-Learning

1341348_84869156.jpgHave you ever wished for you very own crystal ball?  I’ll admit, its a dream that I hold near and dear to my humble heart.  Doesn’t have to be big, just something that I can carry around in my pocket to let me know what’s coming….and what I can do about it!

I mean just think about how handy that would be.  Want an inside look at tomorrow’s weather?  No problem!  How about a clear picture of the morning commute for the next 6 weeks?  Piece of cake!  Truly the uses are endless and that is before we even get to the over-the-top craziness of lotto numbers and sports scores! (more…)

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Study Mode Quizzes Now Available in Weblearning LMS

Here is a short video that shows a preview of our new Study Mode Quiz plug-in for Weblearning LMS – just released as I write this. As always, our LMS learning modules are designed to work on mobile devices (meaning, they do not use Flash).

In this case, if you are one of our Test Pro Developer customers, the study mode quiz should seem familiar – since Test Pro Developer has had the ‘Practice Mode’ tests for quite some time – and we have used those as our model for this plugin. So, if you are looking to move your users from Windows Desktop Software learning to Online Learning, and want to give them a similar experience, you can now leverage Weblearning, with this Study Mode Quiz plugin (as well as the recently released Flash Card Plugin which mimics Test Pro Developer’s Flashcard mode).

The Weblearning LMS is a powerful, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Online E-Learning System for authoring, managing, and tracking online learning presentations and tests (including your E-Learning Lessons). To try it FREE, go to the Weblearning E-Learning System Sign-up Form.

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How to Leverage Social Media into E-Learning

1106018___network__1.jpgSocial Media.   The big buzz word.  The one that everyone’s talking about, but almost no one is ready to face.  It’s like this huge elephant has set up shop in the world of E-Learning and we are all doing our very best to ignore that it ever showed up in the first place.

My question is simple…..why? (more…)

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