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Say Hello to the Mobile E-Learning Revolution

1128265_78062567.jpgNot long ago, the iPad was nothing more than speculation.  It was spec drawings on techie blogs and whispers at conventions that drew our interest and peaked our curiosity.

Some claimed that this would be the device that finally ended Apple’s reign of supremacy. Others thought that this device would open up a whole new market segment that revolutionized the way we viewed personal computing as a whole.

One year later, the iPad – and tablet devices in general (and even smartphones) have in fact changed the way we look at, and think about computing.  It has made us realize that computers can be created to fully reflect their users, and that devices can be customized to meet their needs.


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Death by PowerPoint?

623446_21961390.jpgThere is a great debate going on in the world of learning.  Not just E-Learning, but the educational community as a whole.

The argument? That our generation is managing to single-handedly demolish the learning process through the use (or misuse as the case may be!) of a single powerful tool.

The great offender?

No other than our tried and trustworthy friend, PowerPoint.

This debate was brought to my attention in the last week as I sat through a presentation on this very subject.  What struck me as odd (even a bit surreal) about the whole situation was that the presenter of the day was making his argument against PowerPoint….with PowerPoint!  He stood there in front of us spouting off reason after reason as to why we should abandon this tool as a whole even as he himself  was using it to make his point. (more…)

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Weblearning LMS Hosted Plans with SCORM Now Available

scorm1.gifA few weeks ago, we released the Weblearning Enterprise Gold Edition, our first LMS offering that includes the ability to use SCORM content. The Weblearning Enterprise Gold Edition is essentially a Weblearning LMS license for your own server.

This week, we have released two new Weblearning Annual Hosted plans that include SCORM – the Weblearning Ultimate Plan, and Weblearning Server Plan (the Server plan includes a dedicated managed server for high volume e-learning delivery).

You can check out the plans (along with our new plans that don’t include SCORM) on our Weblearning Packages page.

For those of you that don’t know what SCORM is, I will write up a few articles in the near future explaining how it can benefit you and your Weblearning system, but for now, you can read about SCORM here.

The Weblearning Learning Management System is a powerful, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Online E-Learning System for authoring, managing, and tracking online learning presentations and tests. To try it FREE,  go to the Weblearning E-Learning System Sign-up Form.

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Are You Designing Effective Questions for E-Learning?

centang-check-checklist-equiry-list-poll-task-test-todo-write-icon.pngOver the years we have come to think of tests as necessary bench marks.  Ones that, right, wrong or indifferent are part of the learning process and an indispensable facet of progressing through any type of education.

And, while this may be true, some of us probably are not stopping to think about whether or not we are doing it right.  I mean, sure, the students have to worry about that each and every time they sit down for an exam … but what about us (the teachers/trainers of the world)?

It is our responsibility to share the information, so is it not also our responsibility to also test effectively?  To not just throw out questions, but to test for comprehension?  For true understanding and mastery? (more…)

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Weblearning LMS version 9.62 New Features

whats_new.gifEach time we release an update to Weblearning, we usually include a handful of new features. A typical update will include a dozen or less items.

In this case, there are actually almost 50 Additions, Changes and Bug Fixes in Weblearning version 9.62, which makes it a very large update.

For this article, I had to choose a few of the new features that are likely to be ones that most of you would want to be aware of and/or you are likely to use. All of these are actual feature requests we have received, so I know some of you will be excited to hear about them.

If you are interested in learning about the SCORM compatibility, you can read about that here.


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SCORM Now Available in Weblearning Enterprise Gold Edition

scorm1.gifWe have been working very hard this year to bring you SCORM support in our Weblearning LMS.

Finally, I am happy to report that it is ready, and is now available in our newest edition of Weblearning Enterprise – the Weblearning Enterprise Gold Edition.

Although the new Weblearning Enterprise Gold Edition LMS is slightly more expensive than our standard Weblearning Enterprise Edition LMS, it is still thousands (actually tens of thousands) less than other LMS options on the market.

We are also working hard to bring you a hosted monthly and hosted annual options that offer SCORM capabilities as well. Our goal is to offer you the best value for a hosted SCORM solution. We have yet to work out the pricing and implementation details on the hosted plans though (more to come on this in the weeks ahead).

Below, I have posted some screen shots and comments here to give you a sneak peek at what it looks like and what it can do.


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Addressing Multi-Generational Users in E-Learning

1189187_thinking_and_smiling.jpgThe other day I was asked by a colleague of mine if I would give a type of information technology guest lecture at one of the local colleges.  As the topic was one that I have worked with extensively, SEO and how to maximize its effectiveness, I agreed, thinking that it would be a nice break from my standard day of logging hours in front of the computer.

It was, but it also brought a few very interesting realizations to light in a very short amount of time.  In fact, you could say that I had an epiphany of sorts as I stood there under the flickering florescent lights enjoying the endless expanses of Berber carpet that boasted a shade somewhere between gray and blue. (more…)

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How To Convert PowerPoint E-Learning Presentations into Movies

movie-1.gifOne of the greatest things about PowerPoint is that they are always working to make it better.  A new version means new changes.  New features and options that give the user more freedom than ever before.  With PowerPoint 2010 those of us in the E-Learning community have even more to be excited about.  Because with this new version we finally have the ability to covert our E-Learning presentations into movies with one simple step.

The reality is that it has always been possible to create a movie from a PowerPoint presentation.  The problem is that up until now the process was long, laborious and complicated.  It also required the use of additional software as well as some level of technical know-how.

Today?  This is no longer the case and I am thrilled!  Now with one simple step you can save your presentation into a movie format that you can use again and again.

What to know how its done?  No problem! (more…)

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