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Printing a Certificate from the Quiz Management Service

It’s easy to create, send, and print certificates for your students using the Quiz Management Service.  By just entering a little bit of information about a student, you can easily generate a certificate that can be printed directly from your web browser or emailed to yourself, the student, the student’s parents, or anyone else with a valid email address. Using the Quiz Management Service’s certificate feature, you’re not limited to sending certificates to only students who have completed quizzes in the QMS – you can send certificates to any of your students by just entering their data.

In this article I’m going to walk your through how to create, print, and email your first certificate. To get started, log into your QMS account and click on the Create Certificate button located on the home page.

Clicking on the Create Certificate button will open up the Create a Certificate screen.  On this screen, you will be prompted to enter the name of the student (as you would like it to appear on the certificate), the email address where you would like the certificate sent, the name of the Quiz / Test (as you would like it to appear on the certificate), and the date of completion (as you would like it to appear on the certificate).  By default, the current date will automatically be filled in for the date of completion. Once you have entered each of the required pieces of information, click the Create Certificate button to generate the certificate.


After clicking the Create Certificate button, your student’s certificate will automatically be generated and displayed for you in the browser window.


To print the certificate, click the Print this Certificate link located above the certificate.  This will open the certificate in a new window (or tab, depending on the browser and settings you are using) with no other content than the certificate itself.  To print the certificate, select the Print option for your browser.


To email the certificate to the email address specified in the previous step, click the Email to Student link above the certificate.  The certificate will then be automatically be sent and a message will be displayed indicating that the certificate has been sent.


The student (or whomever owns the email address you entered to receive the certificate) will receive the certificate as an email, which they can then print out and/or save for their records.


To send another certificate or to return to the QMS Home Page, click the Home link from the menu bar at the top.

The Quiz Management Service is compatible with PowerPoint Quiz Maker, Easy Quiz Maker, Flash Quiz Maker, Online Quiz Maker, and Test Pro Developer.

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Adding Audio Narrations to Questions and Slides

In the latest patch to the Weblearning 9.5 LMS, we added (among other things) the ability to add audio narrations to your quiz questions and/or presentation slides as part of the new Text Editor Plugins Toolbar.

To begin, first record and then upload  your audio narrations into the FILES tab (note: make sure the narrations are in MP3 format). Once the mp3 files are uploaded into your account, you will easily be able to attach them to your questions or slides (as I will describe next).

For this example, I am adding a new Presentation Slide, and have entered some basic text (as shown):


Next, click the TEXT EDITOR PLUGINS button:


From the Plugins window, choose INSERT AUDIO:


The audio plugin will appear. Simply choose the mp3 file to insert, and check/uncheck the AUTOPLAY checkbox, and choose the color of the player (keep it at auto-color for maximum compatibility with all the different skins you may apply to your quiz or presentation).


Once you click the INSERT button, an identifying region will appear on the slide (or question) along the top:


Go ahead and SAVE the slide, and then publish a presentation that includes this slide (and add to a course, etc). Once you view the presentation (as a student would), here is what it will look like:


Note the audio play bar along the bottom left of the presentation. It contains a Play/Pause button, and a moving bar indicating how far along the audio is from the end. If you have set it to auto-play (as I did in this example), the audio will begin playing when the slide is in view. Otherwise, the user can start the audio by clicking the PLAY button (which turns into a PAUSE button when the audio is playing).

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Creating a Custom Design Template for PowerPoint Quiz Maker

The newest version of Atrixware PowerPoint Quiz Maker uses design templates for the resultant presentation. For the most part, the included templates are usable, but with just a bit of work, you can create your own, and add in your own logo, graphics, font sizes, and transition FX (as a small example).

To start, browse to the templates folder:

In Windows XP, its usually here:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\atrixware\PowerPoint Quiz Maker 9\shared\ppt templates\

In Windows Vista, it’s usually here:
C:\ProgramData\Atrixware\PowerPoint Quiz Maker 9\shared\ppt templates\

You should see the following folders (or something similar):


Now, COPY a folder (I will use PLAIN in this example), and then PASTE it so there is a new folder ..


Rename the new folder to CUSTOM1 (or whatever you would like):


Now, double-click on the folder to open it, and you will see the following files:


The preview.gif file is what you see in PowerPoint Quiz Maker when you choose the design template. If you have a graphic editor, you can change this to whatever you desire. For this example, we will use the default preview.

The other 5 files are used by PowerPoint Quiz Maker when it creates the PowerPoint quizzes. You can modify one, or all of these files inside of PowerPoint. The important thing is to NOT remove any elements already there, or the quiz may not work properly (but you can certainly ADD elements and MOVE elements around).

For this article, I will modify the q_slide1.ppt, which represents the slide that contains the question text, and choices for questions that do not have an image (for questions with an image, the q_slide1_image.ppt is the template). So, double-click on the q_slide1.ppt file, and it will open in PowerPoint.

Once open, you can do whatever you normally do in PowerPoint (change locations of text objects, change font sizes, colors, and styles, add some graphics and perhaps a background, assign transition FX, etc). Shown below is a before and after of the q_slide1.ppt file I did:



I also added an entrance effect to the question text and choices by selecting each one (6 total fields) and then right-clicking and choosing CUSTOM ANIMATION ..


.. and then choosing ADD EFFECT > ENTRANCE > FLY IN ..


Once you have the slide the way you like it, SAVE it, and if necessary, perform edits on the other files as well. Once complete, you will see your template as an available option from the PowerPoint Publish Dialog from inside of PowerPoint Quiz Maker:


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