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Allowing Students to Pause/Resume Quizzes in Weblearning 9.5

One of the best features added in Weblearning 9.5 is the ability to allow students to pause a quiz and then resume taking that quiz at a later date. In previous versions of Weblearning students were required to start and finish a quiz in one sitting. If for some reason they could not finish the quiz at that time, they either had to exit and restart the quiz at a later date, or end the quiz and any remaining unanswered questions would be marked incorrect.

In this article I’m going to show you how easy it is to enable the Pause/Resume feature on one or all of your quizzes just by adding one line of CSS.  To add the Pause/Resume button to one exisiting quiz, start out by heading over to the Quizzes & Modules tab in your Weblearning Course Admin.


On the Quizzes & Modules screen you can view all of your Graded Quizzes, Practice Quizzes, and E-learning Presentations.  To proceed, simply find the quiz that you would like to add the Save and Resume Later button to and click the Properties button located to the left of the Quiz title.


The Quiz Properties screen allows you to configure everything from the functionality of the Quiz, to it’s appearance, to the emails and pages displayed to and your students upon completion of the Quiz.  For our purposes, we want to edit the CSS for this quiz and enable the display of the Save and Resume Later button.  To do that, click on the Advanced Settings subtab.


Once you on the Advanced Settings  for your Quiz, scroll down to the second panel titled Extra CSS. This is where you’ll need to add the line of CSS code required to display the Pause/Resume button in your Quiz.  Simply add the following line to the edit box (if you already have CSS box, add the following line to the end of the edit box, below any pre-existing CSS): 

#pause_button_span { display: block; }

The end result should look like similar to this:


Once you’ve added the line of CSS to the Edit CSS box, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Submit Changes button to save the changes you have made.

Now, when any of your students start that quiz, they’ll see a Save and Resume Later button in the lower left corner of the quiz that will allow them to pause and restart the quiz at a later date, without having to either start the quiz from scratch or submit their quiz for grading while incomplete.


When a student clicks on the Save and Resume Later button, they will be notified that is OK to close the quiz and the main screen for the course will be updated to reflect the quiz status.


Note:  If you have imported Quizzes from a version of Weblearning prior to 9.5, you need to republish those Quizzes in Weblearning 9.5 before the Pause / Resume feature becomes available for those quizzes.

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