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Using Videos that Work on iPad in Axis LMS

You can create a trackable video module in your courses that will work on all devices including iPad, iPhone, Android - and pretty much any PC or MAC web browser as well.

In order to do this, first make sure your video is in .mp4 format AND encoded using h.264. As long as it is an .mp4 (and encoded with h.264 - which most video software will be able to do), you can follow the steps below.

Use the HTML5 Video Type
Wrap the Video using the Video Module Type as follows:

Part 1 - Create the Video Module
  1. Click MODULES tab
  2. Click NEW MODULE (icon)
  3. Click VIDEO (icon)
  4. Click HTML5 VIDEO icon
  5. Click INSERT FROM COMPUTER button and attach your .mp4
  6. Give it a Module Name, optionally assign time requirement, and SAVE
Part 2 - Insert it into the Course
  1. Click COURSES (tab)
  2. Click MANAGE COURSES (icon)
  3. Click MANAGE (button)
  4. Click EDIT icon for page you want to put it on
  5. Click EDIT (pencil) next to SECTION you want to add it to (or ADD a section if needed)
  6. Click ADD CONTENT TO THIS SUBSECTION button (or add a Subsection first if needed)
  7. Click the VIDEO icon
  8. Click ADD button next to VIDEO you added in Part 1

The technical details ...
So what happens is, when your user opens the video, the rendering engine will determine which device and browser the user is using to view the video. If the device is able to natively render the .mp4 video (most devices and browsers), it will do so. If not (Firefox, or Internet Explorer v8 or older), it will fall back to a video player which uses Flash.

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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