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Optimizing Your Axis LMS Content For Mobile

When you're designing a course, you should anticipate your users accessing it through their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Even if you're not advertising your courses as mobile courses, we recommend making your content as mobile friendly as possible - it will make the transition easier later on, and there is a fair chance that your users will access it from mobile devices regardless of how the course is promoted.

    Basic Tips
  • Avoid Using Flash
  • Minimize User Text Input
  • Don't Cram Content
  • Keep It Simple

Avoid Using Flash

Flash is not consistently supported across all mobile devices. This means that when you decide to add a Flash video into your course, not all of your users will be able to view it. Each LMS comes with the tools to add HTML5 videos, which will display properly across more devices than Flash. If you want to add a video to a slide or to a course page, you should always take every precaution possible to avoid Flash and strive for HTML5.

Minimize Text Input

Keyboards on mobile devices take up a large portion of the screen making it difficult to read an entire question while responding to it. The best way to circumvent this is to avoid overloading your course's modules with Essay & Fill-in-the-Blank style questions. The occasional Essay or Fill-in-the-Blank isn't too bad, but nonstop typing can make it more difficult on your user.

Don't Cram Content

The viewing area on a mobile device is significantly smaller than a monitor's. Because of this, you may be tempted to put everything into one small area so your users can see everything at once - instead what will happen is your user will be overwhelmed. In order to make everything fit, you'll want to make the icons minuscule, making it difficult to access the proper content while in the course. Instead, you should aim for a single column of important content your users need to access. Don't be afraid to extend the page downwards - it is worse to make it extend left or right.

Keep it Simple

Adding to the Don't Cram Content concept, all the content available in your course should need to be there. With the expandable / collapsable functionality of subsections, you can keep your content simple, by keeping it collapsable. 

To make your subsections collapsable, append a + or - to the subsection name, then make sure the subsection names are displayed (via the settings). To make it default to a collapsed section, prefix it with a - .

The features discussed in this article may or may not be available on your LMS system.
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